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terrorism and genocide

Victims' Voices...

S.H.K., survivor of the chemical gas attacks on Kurdish civilians in Halabja in which 4 of her children were killed and she was permanently blinded

"We saw a young girl sitting on the legs of her father and mother, crying and screaming. I asked her why she was crying and she said that we had been bombed with chemical weapons. At that point I fell down and I heard my eldest daughter say “Mom, mom take care of little brother” before she fell dead.

At this point I lost my eyesight and I suddenly I felt another daughter fall into my lap, gasping, and then she died too. After that I passed out and did not feel anything until I heard someone talking to my son, asking him if they should take him to his father. They gave him some water but he died later.

I could feel that my other son was still alive and I wanted to call for help but I could not get my voice out. By the time help arrived the next day, he had died as well.

I was hospitalized in Iran for 40 days, separated from my surviving children, and I suffered a miscarriage. When I was finally reunited with my family, my 18-month old son did not recognize me because I was so disfigured and he would not accept that I was his mother.”