Empowering victims to hold accountable the supporters of 
terrorism and genocide

Victims' Voices. . .

Kay Wilson, International Liaison for Global Justice Group and survivor of a terror attack in Israel in which she was stabbed multiple times and left for dead. Her friend was killed in the same attack.


"Barefoot and with our hands bound behind our back, we were led nearer to the brow by the two men. I no longer heard the songs of the birds, I no longer heard the rustle of the breeze through the trees. I heard nothing but my own heartbeat. In a few moments my life would be over.

  I don’t remember that first stab in the back, but what I do know is that it was so hard that it knocked me to the ground. With every blow I felt another bone shatter. The blows continued, and with each merciless strike I felt regret…regret that I would not be around to tell people goodbye, and regret that I would never see my loved ones again. Loss and unspeakable anguish devoured me.


Trembling with shock in my blood soaked clothes, nothing mattered any more. The horror would very soon be over. The surrounding voices began to fade and I started to feel sleepy. In the distance I heard the wailing of the approaching ambulance, and over its sirens I faintly heard once again, the songs of the little birds.”