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terrorism and genocide

Victims' Voices...

C.PK., survivor of a suicide bombing at an ice cream parlor in Israel, in which her baby daughter and mother were killed, and she and her husband were injured. She is also a claimant in the pending litigation against the Arab Bank, which receives support from Global Justice Group.

“Before the terrible and atrocious terrorist attack we were a happy family. The attack, in one stroke cut this ideal family into pieces. We were all left orphaned and tormented, scared and full of guilt and longing. My world was destroyed. I became an orphan and a bereaved mother.

 S was my world. While I was pregnant I imagined what sort of girl she would be. Baby S was a beautiful girl, intelligent, sweet, social and kind and always with a smile on her face. She was the love of my life, she made me a mother, she was my firstborn.

After the week of mourning we returned to an empty house. We sat on the balcony and saw the lights being turned on in our neighbors' children's rooms. Only in our home was there darkness. The fact that everything stayed the same for our neighbors while we lost our daughter was horrifying to me. For months afterward, at exactly 7:00am, the time when S generally called to us, I would open my eyes and scream. The pain for S drives me out of my mind. My whole body longs for her, for the pleasant scent of her hair. How do you stop missing your child?

I was very close to my mother. She was my best friend and my soul mate. She was the one who held our family together. She was the only one who could have helped me cope after S was killed but she was taken from me as well. I had no one to hug and no one to hug me. I was her firstborn and S was my firstborn and I lost them both at once.”