Empowering victims to hold accountable the supporters of 
terrorism and genocide

Victims' Voices

C.PK., survivor of a suicide bombing at an ice cream parlor in Israel, in which her baby daughter and mother were killed, and she and her husband were injured. She is also a claimant in the pending litigation against the Arab Bank, which receives support from Global Justice Group.

“Before the terrible and atrocious terrorist attack we were a happy family. The attack, in one stroke cut this ideal family into pieces. We were all left orphaned and tormented, scared and full of guilt and longing. My world was destroyed. I became an orphan and a bereaved mother. read more

David Rubin,  survivor of a terrorist attack in Israel, in which he was shot in the leg and his 3-year-old son survived a gunshot wound to the head. David is a claimant in the pending litigation against the Arab Bank, which receives support from Global Justice Group, as well as the author of God, Israel & Shiloh.


"I took my 3-year-old son, Ruby, out with me that day and during the ride back home the car went dead and there was a sudden hail of bullets being fired at the car. I saw four bullets whiz past me, about an inch from my eyes, and I felt a bullet go into my left leg. The blood started pouring out like an open fire hydrant.  read more


Kay Wilson, International Liaison for Global Justice Group and survivor of a terror attack in Israel in which she was stabbed multiple times and left for dead. Her friend was killed in the same attack.


"Barefoot and with our hands bound behind our back, we were led nearer to the brow by the two men. I no longer heard the songs of the birds, I no longer heard the rustle of the breeze through the trees. I heard nothing but my own heartbeat. In a few moments my life would be over.  read more


S.H.K., survivor of the chemical gas attacks on Kurdish civilians in Halabja in which 4 of her children were killed and she was permanently blinded

"We saw a young girl sitting on the legs of her father and mother, crying and screaming. I asked her why she was crying and she said that we had been bombed with chemical weapons. At that point I fell down and I heard my eldest daughter say “Mom, mom take care of little brother” before she fell dead. read more