Empowering victims to hold accountable the supporters of 
terrorism and genocide

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Most of the staff of Global Justice Group are volunteers.  The attorneys representing the plaintiffs in these cases do so on a contingency fee basis. They are not paid unless or until there is a judgment in favor of the plaintiffs. However, preparing such cases for litigation is expensive. It costs money to identify plaintiffs and document their cases. Expert witnesses need to be retained. And, the research required to prove the responsibility of the defendants is also costly.


By making a donation to Global Justice Group, you are helping to advance the following projects:


  • Arab Bank - Based on evidence that Arab Bank was involved in financing terrorist organizations responsible for suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks in Israel from 2001 to 2004, the lawsuit against the bank on behalf of the victims of these attacks is currently pending. Global Justice Group seeks to continue funding the ongoing research required to uncover evidence from different sources in order to strengthen the case against Arab Bank.


  • Halabja, Kurdistan – The Al-Anfal Genocidal Campaign of 1988, in which poison gas attacks carried out by Saddam Hussein’s regime killed and maimed tens of thousands of Kurdish civilians, left many survivors with long-term medical care needs. Global Justice will be sponsoring a Truth and Reparations conference between the victims and the European and American companies who supplied Saddam regime with precursor chemicals, expertise and support in constructing the chemical weapons plants in Iraq.  Our hope is that the companies will acknowledge their role in the Kurdish genocide and agree to provide reparations to the victims without the need to go through protracted and expensive litigation.


  • Other Projects – With your help, Global Justice Group can expand its services to include many more victims of terrorism and genocide around the world who deserve the opportunity to seek redress from those responsible for their loss and suffering.