Empowering victims to hold accountable the supporters of 
terrorism and genocide
About Us

Established in 2003, Global Justice Group (GJG) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, non-political human rights organization registered in the State of Illinois, USA and recognized as an exempt charity by the Internal Revenue Service of the USA under IRC §501 (c)(3).


Global Justice Group was founded on the belief that by holding the supporters of terror and genocide accountable, we can offer the victims of such attacks the opportunity to seek compensation and reclaim their dignity. Our team is dedicated to helping empower victims around the world in their pursuit of recognition and justice.



Dr. Rafael Diaz-Balart


The late Dr. Diaz-Balart was a visionary who spent his life fighting for democracy and the liberation of the Cuban people who suffered greatly under the tyranny of the Castro dictatorship. He founded the international freedom foundation, La Rosa Blanca, which led the struggle for freedom for Cuba and represented millions of Cuban exiles. Dr. Diaz-Balart served as the Majority Leader of the Cuban House of Representative (prior to the Castro junta), Under Secretary of Government and Minister of Education designee by President-elect Andres Rivero Ageuro. After his forced exile, Dr. Diaz-Balart served the Government of Costa Rica as an advisor to the President, and in numerous diplomatic appointments in Spain, Brazil, Paraguay and Venezuela. Drawing on his deep commitment to the pursuit of justice and freedom, Dr. Diaz-Balart envisioned the formation of Global Justice Group as a charitable foundation dedicated to assisting victims of terror and genocide fight for their dignity and rights. Today his eldest son, Rafael Diaz-Balart serves as the organization’s President and Director, continuing his father’s fight for justice, human rights and democracy. Dr. Diaz-Balart held a PhD in Law from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; a Post-Doctorate in Comparative Law, from University of Strasbourg, France and a Juris Doctor from University of North Oriente,  Cuba.

Directors & Officers


Dr. Rafael Diaz-Balart (son of Dr. Diaz-Balart), President and Director

Rafael Diaz-Balart has over 30 years experience in consulting, international banking and investment. Mr. Diaz-Balart is CEO and Founder of the Miami-based Vestec International Corporation, which, among other activities, serves as the Latin American Coordinator for the American Association of Port Authorities AAPA. Prior to forming Vestec, Mr. Diaz-Balart served in executive capacities with international banks and as Consultant to the Office of the Special Advisor to the President of Venezuela. Mr. Diaz-Balart’s community involvement is considerable. In addition to serving as President of Global Justice Group, Mr. Diaz-Balart is Chairman of the Miami Symphony Orchestra and is an Honorary Board Member of the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Florida Foundation. He has been active in international trade and commerce development organizations such as the Jay Malina International Trade Consortium of Miami-Dade County, the International Trade Board of the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County’s Sister Cities Program. He was also Chairman of the Board of the Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services. Mr. Diaz-Balart holds a Bachelors of Arts (Government) degree from Cornell University and a Masters of Business Administration from The American University.


Daniel Kessler, Director

 Danny Kessler is the Chief Executive of the London based MET group of companies including MET Capital Management LLP, MET Traders, MET Brokers, MET Asset Management, and Kingsley Asset Management, many of which are regulated under the Financial Services Authority UK). Prior to joining MET, Mr. Kessler held various sales/business development positions with Dow Jones Newswires. Mr. Kessler has served various philanthropic enterprises, such as serving as a Trustee of E S & R Fairweather Charitable Foundation and as a non-executive Director of Jewish Chronicle Newspapers Ltd.


Roger Stelman, Director

Roger Stelman has worked in all aspects of the diamond business – manufacturing, sales, and managing cutting factories—around the world. He has established and managed trading offices in New York, Switzerland, China and Hong Kong. A native of Antwerp Belgium, Roger has been active in philanthropic initiatives in Belgium, Sri Lanka, Brazil and Africa. Mr. Stelman initiated and organized a project to bring children from conflict zones to Antwerp, where they were hosted by local families and attended social and educational programs. He also served as Vice President of the Antwerp Jewish community for three years.


Bernard E. Sendlin, Treasurer/Secretary

Bernard Sendlin has extensive experience on a domestic and international level in marketing, trade, finance, textiles, construction materials, shipping and hospitalities industries. Mr. Sendlin served as Managing Director of the real estate development and hospitality conglomerate LaSalle International Group. He has also served as a Director on the Board of Directors of numerous companies including YKK (USA) Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of YKK (Japan); Express Financial Corporation, Research Analysts Ltd. and was a founder and Director of American Bancshares Inc., Ltd., a bank shares holding company. Mr. Sendlin was a founder and Director of Around the Coyote organization, a not-for-profit charity that sponsored emerging and experimental artists in Chicago, IL USA.




Anne Dubitzky, Executive Director

Anne Dubitzky has extensive experience in not-for-profit corporate management. She served for almost 20 years as the Vice President for Managed Care Contracting and Marketing for Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, one of the oldest hospitals in the United States and the largest teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School, and for the Massachusetts General Physicians Organization, the largest physician group practice in Massachusetts. Ms. Dubitzky also has experience as an attorney, having practiced in the litigation departments of the Boston, Massachusetts law firms Bingham, Dana & Gould (now Bingham McCutchen) and Burns & Levinson. She was also an adjunct faculty member at Boston College Law School. Ms. Dubitzky received a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.A. from Wellesley College.



Sami Jalal, Director of Middle East Branch

Sami Jalal served in the UNDP under the leadership of the late Sami Abdul Rahman, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, from 1999 until 2004. Mr. Jalal later served as Director of Security for Dr. Ros Nuri Shawish during his tenure as Vice President of the Iraq Republic and later as Deputy Prime Minister, and he worked as a Project Consultant in the Office of Development and Investment Authority (KDC) in Erbil. Today, in addition to serving as Director of Global Justice Group’s Middle East branch, Mr. Jalal also serves as a Director of Business Development for UR International Insurance Company in Erbil, Iraq.



Kay Wilson, International Liaison

Kay Wilson grew up in the UK. She has worked for the past several years as a tour guide in Israel for both Christian and Jewish groups. Ms. Wilson survived a brutal terrorist attack while guiding in Israel in December 2010. Since the attack, Ms. Wilson is in a demand as a motivational speaker and also speaks to audiences around the world on issues of human rights and justice for victims of terrorism. She is a lecturer for the Israel Speakers' Agency, and a jazz musician.